Words of Wisdom: Wolfgang Laufer


“Strength comes from inside you, not from forte!”

“You have to magnify your intention. If you don’t, it’s a quasi-something. This is in-between nothing.”

“Make out of a mosquito an elephant in your intentions…make sure the tiny point that needs to be heard is heard!”

“Be the idiot between the smart ones, not the smart one between the idiots.”

“You need to demand more of yourself because you can.”

“You have to know how something is wrong.  If you are not disciplined, you are not going to get anywhere. If you don’t have it instilled in you that you want to be better and better than others – you won’t get anywhere.”

“Nothing you do in life without passion will be successful.  Whatever you do, put all your eggs in that basket when you do it.”

“Talent alone without work is a terrible waste.”

R.I.P. Wolfgang Laufer. My teacher, my friend, you will be missed.