The 6 Changes Method

by rubenharris

From Leo of Zen Habits.

 It’s simple:

1. Pick 6 habits for 2011.

2. Pick 1 of the 6 habits to start with.

3. Commit as publicly as possible to creating this new habit in 2 months.

4. Break the habit into 8 baby steps, starting with a ridiculously easy step.  Example: if you want to floss, the first step is just to get out a piece of floss at the same time each night.

5. Choose a trigger for your habit – something already in your routine that will immediately precede the habit.  Examples: eating breakfast, brushing your teeth, showering, waking up, arriving at the office, leaving the office, getting home in the evening.

6. Do the 1st, really easy baby step for one week, right after the trigger.  Post your progress publicly. 

7. Each week, move on to a slightly harder step.  You’ll want to progress faster, but don’t.  You’re building a new habit.  Repeat this until you’ve done 8 weeks.

8. You now have a new habit!  Commit to Habit No. 2 and repeat the process.

With the New Year’s resolution season upon us, I thought that this guide would be useful for all of us.