10,000 Hours To Mastery

by rubenharris

If people knew how hard I worked to get mastery, it wouldn’t seem so wonderful at all. – Michelangelo

The 10,000 hour theory is an idea based on a study by Anders Ericsson that has been popularized by Malcolm Gladwell in his book, Outliers. He says that the key to success in any field is, to a large extent, a matter of practicing a specific task for a total of around 10,000 hours.  That is equal to roughly, 2.75 hours a day, or 19.25 hours of practice a week, for 10 years.

Whether this is an arbitrary number or not, the point is….

You can learn whatever you want to learn and do it well if you are dedicated to it, practice it, and work hard at it.

Ruben A. Harris