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"Do not seek praise, seek criticism." – Paul Arden

Month: November, 2009

Think Before You Speak


Discard Nothing Useful

I was reading Ellen White's book "Child Guidance", and this is one of the many statements that stood out to me:

"Nothing that can be utilized should be thrown away.  This will require wisdom, and forethought, and constant care.  It has been presented to me that the inability to save, in little things, is one reason why so many families suffer for lack of necessities of life."

The creative use of some things that we already have, may produce something better than we thought we needed to purchase.  We just might end up having the money we thought we didn't have, to purchase what we actually need.  

Rethink. Reuse. Recycle.

Ruben Harris

World Hunger


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That’s Not A Knife