Less, But Better

by rubenharris

I just finished reading an interview by BBH Labs with design legend Dieter Rams and felt like I should share the highlights of the article…

We take three major lessons from Rams’ story that we believe are relevant to our own modest innovation efforts.

1. Question absolutely everything, especially the ‘most obvious’.

2. Strive to understand people, at every level.

3. Embrace technology, but do so with pragmatism not hype.

“Good designers must always be avant-gardists, always one step ahead of the times. They should – and must – question everything generally thought to be obvious. They must have an intuition for people’s changing attitudes. For the reality in which they live, for their dreams, their desires, their worries, their needs, their living habits. They must also be able to assess realistically the opportunities and bounds of technology.” 

To read the full interview click here (Less, But Better)