What We Need Is In Our Communities

by rubenharris

R.I.P. Dolla

“Too many mothers, too many brothers, too many fathers, too many uncles, too many sisters, are losing their children and this has got to stop!” – Eddie Pryor (Victims Uncle)

Brothers and sisters, let me tell you.  What we need is in our community.  What we have got to stop doing is looking outside of our community and look within our community, and we don’t care what the title is–get away from labels.  If its the Nation, if it’s Christian, if its Buddhist, if its Oobooboo, all I want to know is, do you have a program thats saving our children?

I went to Koreatown today and I met with the Korean merchants.  I love them.  You know why?  They got a place called what? Koreatown.  When I left them I went to Chinatown.  They got a place called what?  Chinatown.

Where is your town?

We’re going to go street by street, block by block, because its our fault the streets have gone wild.  You hear what I said?  Its our fault. 

We can take Compton.  But we are going to need your help.  We are going to need your support.  So I want to get together with all the top educators, and I gurantee you if you allow us to help you, we can turn Compton around. – Tony Muhammad, of Compton, California.