Shooting Blanks

by rubenharris


Beatles “White Album”, $25
Jay-Z’s “Black Album, $15
Danger Mouse’s new blank CD, priceless
Dark Night Of The Soul, a collaboration with rock group Sparklehorse,
also features Iggy Pop and The Flaming Lips, along with artwork by
David Lynch.
It has already been streamed online, but Billboard magazine said a
“legal dispute” with EMI derailed the project.
Danger Mouse, who is half of pop group Gnarls Barkley, said he hoped
people would still get to hear the record.
A spokesperson for the producer said: “Danger Mouse remains hugely
proud of Dark Night of the Soul and hopes that people lucky enough to
hear the music, by whatever means, are as excited by it as he is.”
He added that the album, which comes with a limited edition, “100+
page book” of David Lynch photographs inspired by the music “will now
come with a blank, recordable CD-R”.
“All copies will be clearly labelled: ‘For Legal Reasons, enclosed
CD-R contains no music. Use it as you will.
This limited edition art book contains 100+ pages of original
photographs by celebrated film director David Lynch. Only 5000 copies
have been printed and each one is hand numbered. The book will also
come with a 24″ X 36″ poster as well as a custom designed CD-R (poster
comes folded).
First Listen

Little Girl (Feat. Julian Casablancas) by Sparklehorse