Samsung Clover Eco Project

by rubenharris


The Samsung Clover is an eco-sensitive mobile phone designed to grow 
old with you. A set of four module interfaces (vision, location, 
sound, and sensor) customize the product according to your changing 
needs and preferences. 
There are a number of extension modules that can be added by users and 
developers. These are physical devices that can be easily added, 
removed, or even shared to collect and share environmental awareness 
in a collaborative social network called “eco map”. 
It’s also made from recycled materials, so it is eco-friendly for 
those who care about the environment. The back of the phone features 
PLCD that transforms from opaque to transparent, depending on the 
current intensity of the battery level. 
The package is also designed for aiming eco friendly. Customers do 
not have to make rubbish from an empty box because the package can 
become a charging port itself including solar panels.